Saturday, November 6, 2010

Publishing Your Own Photo Book

So  you want to publish your own photo book and you're looking at all those self publishing companies what?

To start off...  color balance your monitor with a device like Spyder. There are many to pick from if you Google search it or go to a good photo dealer.I use one from Monico.  Collect your images into one folder. Gather more than you intend to use because often some images will work better with others once you see them laid out, as well as some present better as a collection of 2-4 on a page. Most printers base their price on 20 single side pages, but rest assured once you get going you will pass that amount.

Next, import the folder into a program like Light Room, or Aperture making any adjustments to them like converting into B&W. Sepias or shifting to a warmer color balance, helpful if you are trying to keep a uniform look to all of your book. Don't forget imbedding Metadata with all your info including notice of copyright. Make your images larger to start with, in case you might want to bump up the size of your book later on. I use  300ppi jpeg, maximum quality 10, 9x12 inches or 12 inches on the longest side... and assign them an sRGB profile.

If after you assign sRGB profile to what was your RGB originals and they seem a little flatter in contrast or color, here's a trick I do... In general I assign all my images with RGB profiles tweaking them to to where I want them in Photoshop or LightRoom . If later I need to re-assign them with an sRGB profile, as we need to do here, I first make a duplicate from the original keeping the original open. I then assign an sRGB to the dupe, and compare it to its original and correct it to match.

sRGB Copy..uncorrected.
If you're not sure what you have..look at the top of your image where the numbers are and go to the right..if it says sRGB, you're fine,,if it say RGB then this trick is for you.To convert it in PhotoShop go to edit/assign profile, click Working RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1( which is really just sRGB ) and save.

Most companies have offer their  free program, a drag and drop with various layouts. For a better crop or anything special you may want to fill on the page, it is better to create the size of the page in PhotoShop, via New Document, then add your image or images to that  document, flatten layers, save as mentioned above, making sure that is is still sRGB and dragging it into the book page as a full page.  

I used the same images for all four..Mac Book...A&I...My Pubisher...Blurb.
Well here's my opinion based on my experiences.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The "decisive moment"..when you find it and when it finds you

There are times when you're drawn to an image in the making. Searching to find it is one thing. Stopping to see it is another. Waiting to feel it is something different. Being there long enough is everything.

I love getting back to my roots in photography and for me that's film..B& W, and with a larger format than 35mm...this case my do I love that camera for this. Something about looking down into that square. I once read from another photographer , can't remember who though. He said that a square somehow makes the statement that a photographer was here and deliberately made this frame , as is. For me it's a Zen moment, much needed in the world of pixels and workflows.
So here I was with a group of all kinds of photographers simply loving to do what they do. They chose the Gold Coast Train Museum in Miami,Fl to spend the day. MMM..still lifes=Blad!! Somewhere along the way, I stepped back into a time when train travel was prevalent. I remembered when I was a child living in New York and leaving for Tampa,Fl. by train to visit my grandmother, a 24 hour ride clickedy-clackedy all the way, basically sitting up..ah a time to relax between each screeching stop at the next major station.."those were the days" right?  ok so all aboard!!  

I spent a few hours shooting the exteriors of the trains deep in my Blad and into a time gone by. Somewhere during the day,needing a sun break, I stepped inside a car and back to my childhood sitting in one of those seats..summer vacation,out of the city,.. I set up the Blad on the tripod and took my time framing the scene, I thought I found the right moment..As I bent down to focus an older gentlemen came in tapping his cane..followed by his younger granddaughter..She sat down to duck..he asked..
" Am I in the picture?" I raised my head slowly, as though to receive communion ..."You are the picture" .. I asked his granddaughter to come forward ( out of the frame ) and asked the gentleman to just stay where he was and remember his travels in this car, typical of many others from that era, he did... and strike a pose, cane in hand . He was off to a time past and I was on my way back to visiting Tampa at 5 years old again..CaChunk..CaChunk...two frames, back to reality from a moment in time.

There are many moments that we find when we take the time to connect and once in while if we just take a little more time, a better moment finds us. It's an afterglow that we don't see, in this hurried world, unless we stay in the moment long enough to see it. While it doesn't always happen, when it a matador's "moment of truth" you know it and it becomes yours.  

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Friday, January 15, 2010

How do 4 photographers say goodbye to 2009

Go shooting...

The dawn of a new year in a familiar place..The Florida Everglades.
Often called the River of Grass, and you will quickly know why when you are hiking in it,offers unique opportunities once you see from the inside and not from the road. The sights,sounds and smells add to the sky show while an untouched nature plays the lead.

What better place is there than to be surrounded by nature reminding us that it is a perfect world..we screw it up, but it always prevails,always. Seen on the left is Robert Klemm, shooting with his 4x5...YES

To the right..Paul Morris..mmm is that FILM?

Left again..Sam Notarbartolo..OK digital..always one in the group.

Yours truly above,center I know I couldn't make up my mind...I like it all!!
(photo..Robert Klemm)..

Now onto the new year with a fresh start and vision....