Friday, January 15, 2010

How do 4 photographers say goodbye to 2009

Go shooting...

The dawn of a new year in a familiar place..The Florida Everglades.
Often called the River of Grass, and you will quickly know why when you are hiking in it,offers unique opportunities once you see from the inside and not from the road. The sights,sounds and smells add to the sky show while an untouched nature plays the lead.

What better place is there than to be surrounded by nature reminding us that it is a perfect world..we screw it up, but it always prevails,always. Seen on the left is Robert Klemm, shooting with his 4x5...YES

To the right..Paul Morris..mmm is that FILM?

Left again..Sam Notarbartolo..OK digital..always one in the group.

Yours truly above,center I know I couldn't make up my mind...I like it all!!
(photo..Robert Klemm)..

Now onto the new year with a fresh start and vision....