Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day...Dad

" Why can't you turn off the lights when you're finished?" my dad must have said this a hundred times to me. " uh...I don't know..." was always my reply.

It was last week when I sat down to pay all my usual bills, one not as usual. It's summer here in Miami and the more than average electric bill was glowing with no help from an outlet. I left it for last and as the last bead of perspiration convinced me to pay it fast before they shut me off and down the air conditioner. I walked around the empty apartment switching off every needless light and power hungry item running...mmmm

" Why can't they just turn off the lights when they leave??? " a quick turn around to see who was did I heard my father's voice in the background ?  

Maybe I didn't know why then but I do know now...Happy Father's Day dad....  I'll still keep a light on, just to hear you again.

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