Thursday, April 3, 2008

A New Brush

Lately there has been discussion on one of my favorite sites...http://www.luminous-landscapes

about does the camera matter. It summarizes that different cameras as in 4x5 or holga will lead that photographer to a different point of view and that difference will help to create different work.

That being said, I have picked up a new brush, because I believe that this theory is somewhat correct. Of course Ansel Adams would still have seen Half Dome whether he was using an 8x10 or a 35mm, but maybe he wouldn't have stayed so long to study it if he used the latter. 

After a few years of digital, I returned to my 4x5 field with Polaroid's 55N film for a personal project I am shooting. Processing in the field, another subject, I find my view of each image a timely and studied approach, not the snapping away from varied angles and lenses choice. I took my time to see it,feel it and watch it at first. I framed it through my 4x5 matt to find the view and after tweeked the camera to bring into focus what I want looking at the ground glass and seeing it on paper, the pre-visualization often talked about. Reviewing it later on after the rapture passed, I see that I made the right choice for that subject or at least, once divorced from the subject, I discovered an image that might not have been the same had I used another camera. To my mind, I had the right brush and it did lead me to that canvas.    

I have searched for another brush to see if I can produce a different view for my commercial side or simple how I see it and now I just picked up Canon's new G9, a great little (sort of point and shoot) digital 

With it freedom from my  camera bag...from suspicious looks..a new sense of play and hopefully a newer look...

I will provide a page with results soon ..and welcome comments.


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